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Broken trust and Preying on Women, Book Signing with Renee Phillips


“Either leave the church, make like this never happened, or I will treat you like the others.” These were the words uttered to me by a very prominent and respected high school teacher and pastor of one of the largest churches in Dallas, Texas. Beginning in my 10th-grade year of high school and continuing for seven years, I was groomed, sexually assaulted and became the victim of manipulative, predatory behavior by someone I trusted. I was young and gravely deceived.The year 2018 was monumental for me. I was both spiritually awakened and haunted by the ringing in my ears and the heaviness of my heart from watching the #MeToo movement play out in the media. Years of suppressing my story became unsettling to me as story after story resonated with my own personal story. Activist Tarana Burke’s unwavering dedication to giving secret stories a voice propelled me to share my own. This is my story. As you read my memoir, I invite you to walk with me as I recount the devastating events that disrupted the course of my life and nearly ended it. This is my personal and true story of “Small Giants Who Act And Prey.”

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