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The Psychology of Self-Hatred and Self-Defeat: Towards a Reclamation of the Afri



Why do the oppressed react to frustration with apathy, anger, regression, denial, color-blindness, reality distortion, narcissism, falsified consciousness, false morality, intellectualization, “acting white” syndrome as a barrier to excellence of achievement, lack of trust in self and community, inculcated belief in innate White intellectual superiority, and above all, insanely phantasmagorical identification with the aggressor?

Gifted with a searing acuity, Wilson scrutinize the development of the black mind as it emerged through the Western or American experience conditioned to serve other than it’s self or group interests. For 20 hours over a five-week period in 1987 he scours issues seminal to the understanding of who we are, see and discern implications, are attributes mentally impaired or quite often underdeveloped in Black children and black people. These and other questions laid bare, leave the reader breathless. A sound analysis has built into it its own suggested solutions. Wilson task himself its reveal by proffering inferences and choices rarely seen. A grueling long-awaited addition to the Wilsonian canon, before us unfurls a mandatorily interrogative exposition.


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