Dick Gregory for President T-shirt

Dick Gregory for President T-shirt

Gregory, a skinny boy born into a poor Black family in St. Louis, Missouri, who became a stand-out college athlete, army veteran, comedian, social commentator, civil rights campaigner, committed humanist, long-time vegan activist, conspiracy theorist, health food entrepreneur, and one-time candidate for the presidency of the United States.

Dick Gregory’s entry into the 1968 presidential campaign was treated as little more than an entertaining sideshow by political commentators and mainstream media outlets. However, the comedian also garnered an enthusiastic following among college students and working-class African Americans, and his highly public criticisms of the two-party system peaked the interest of the FBI. 

Gregory’s flair for the dramatic belied a well-reasoned and unashamedly radical critique of the US political system, systemic white racism, the excesses of American capitalism, and the war in Vietnam. 
    Color: Black

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